3 Reasons to Date a Dreamer

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3 Reasons to Date a Dreamer
Sometimes, I believe my fiancé is annoyed that I’m a dreamer. And I wouldn’t blame her. Many times, I do fit the stereotype of having my head stuck in the clouds. I’m often aloof to what’s going on around me because I’m living in the worlds moving around in my head. Who wouldn’t get annoyed by that?

But overall, she is thankful and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Considering the culture around her, my fiancé is the odd one. Dating a dreamer isn’t typically a preferred option for the greater majority.

People tend to write off dreamers as not being grounded within reality. And for some dreamers, this is true. But for the true dreamers, the ones who understand reality and how to make it fold according to their passion, this is a wrong belief to have.

Fact of the matter is, a true dreamer is the best type of person you could have by your side. If you’re having trouble getting over their negative stereotype, here are three reasons why having a partner who aspires to more in life is the best type of person to date:

1. They see more than what’s in front of them.
Being cynical about life and relationships is easy when life is viewed as a string of routines you simply pass through. To have a negative outlook on life, you have to have a limited scope, one that squeezes out the hope to the beautiful world in front of us.

But dreamers have the superpower of tapping into a larger scope of the world. They can capture hope and let it fuel their romanticism to life. They can grab hold of hope, and use it as a tool to keep the relationship alive and well.

Truth is, dreamers can help you see positive aspects to life, love and the world. They have an aversion to cynicism, which is rare, but so needed in our culture, especially when we approach the topic of love.

Plain and simple, dreamers have hope. When tough times strike, when people are mean to them, and when their partner is hitting a roadblock, they can bring hope, because they see more than grim circumstances. They see the possibility for better times ahead. Date a dreamer and be inspired with hope.

2. They don’t let the impossible limit their actions.
When we see an impossible task, it’s expected to back away into the realm of the possible, and live safely within the lines of our capability. But dreamers see the impossible and reach for it. It makes them more daring.

Oftentimes, this tendency in a dreamer is viewed in a negative light, because when the dreamer reaches, more than likely, he or she will fall back down. They will fail, while the partner waits for them to do something possible.

But here’s the thing: Would you rather have someone who cultivates a culture of risk or a culture of playing it safe? And when I say risk, I don’t mean jumping off buildings. I mean striving for the things that will be of benefit for the greater good.

When their passion for the greater good is strong enough, dreamers will douse their capability with enough reality and fortitude to know when to stop reaching and when to keep going.

But what’s important is that they’ll never let the impossible define their actions. They’ll be willing to risk for you, to go above and beyond what’s possible, rather than be safe with their relationship.

Date a dreamer and have a someone willing to risk and take the next step, all for the sake of a better, more enriching relationship.

3. They want to take you on a journey with them.
To dream is to journey. I know this because dreams cause us to stray from the mainstream path, the highways bustling with people, to take the exits that lead up mountains where you can view spacious overlooks and breathtaking sceneries. Dreamers take the side roads, the more adventurous paths, because to them, it’s more about the journey, not the destination.

When we are blind to anything but the destination, we can stay on the highways that take us straight into the city. But dreamers can stray from those paths and find new, more fun ways of getting where you need to be.

You can choose to take the stuffed up highway, but you possibly wouldn’t get to where you’re going any faster or have a better time than you would if you were with a dreamer.
Date a dreamer and stay away from the boring paths of life. Have fun on the journey.

Dreamers might not have a clear-cut plan, but all the best dreamers have direction. And I promise you, if you choose to date a someone who aspires to the greater good in life, you will have better times chasing a direction than following a plan.

Date a dreamer and have hope, risk, and fun all mixing together to form a better love story.

This article originally appeared on nealsamudre.com

Can Yoga Help Save the Business World?
One night several years ago, as I sat at my job as a successful executive at one of New York City’s top fashion houses, I felt myself starting to lose my mind. It was 1 a.m. I still didn’t feel like I was working hard enough. The voices in my head berated me. The pressure and stress were mounting, both externally and internally. There were floods of unanswered emails and impossible deadlines to meet. Somehow, I kept it together. I refused to let it beat me. Years in advertising and fashion bred me to be tough. No way was I going to lose my mind. But that was just the problem.

I didn’t realize back then that the only way to gain my sanity was to “lose” my mind.
Years later, when I learned to observe my thought patterns through yoga, I came to understand it was my overthinking mind that was getting in the way of my ability to cope – not external deadlines or too long to-do lists. Once I understood what yogis meant by “let go” I was able to release the thoughts that plagued me — worry and anxiety over big meetings, endless assignments, not being good enough. It was there I found real freedom.

I decided to leave my corporate job and co-founded Yoga Means Business, a company on a mission to share these discoveries from the Eastern world with the Western mainstream. We want to help people who feel stressed, maxed-out and are ready for positive change.


But can yoga help save the business world? This is a provocative question for people on both sides of the fence. On the far business side, the answer may be a scornful, “No. What does yoga have to do with business?” On the far yoga side, the answer may be a dismissive, “No. Please do not diminish yoga to make it corporate-ized.” While both of these responses have some validity, there is a middle ground where I sit cross-legged on the floor (in lotus, in front of my laptop) and proclaim, “Yes, this can happen!”

Today, hours are longer than ever and demands have increased across the board. People feel over-worked, over-stressed and over-connected to technology. Burnout and high stress levels are the most frequent work complaints.

How can yoga help people in the business world? By helping them clear their minds. The mind is our most powerful tool. However, more often than not, our attention is fragmented and pulled in a dozen different directions at once. Yoga gracefully combats this in several powerful ways.

Yoga releases tension in the physical body by opening tight, clenched muscles and improves blood flow to the brain.
Yoga creates a clear mind and elevated thinking, helping people to get their work done more effectively and efficiently.
Yoga allows people to unplug and disconnect from the endless tornado of thoughts.
When the dust settles, priorities become clear, anxiety is reduced and the mind is calmer, more focused and compassionate.

A study in The Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that 20 minutes of Hatha yoga stimulates brain function more than walking or jogging on the treadmill for the same amount of time.

As my yoga practice deepened over the years at Jivamukti Yoga School, I started bringing some physical and mental elements of yoga to my workplace. The effects were powerful. I became a stronger, more poised leader. My priorities were clearer and I felt more focused. As I started to think more strategically, my speaking skills improved. Creativity flowed more freely. I formed deeper connections with coworkers and I started doing my job more effectively. All of these changes made me realize the positive effects of yoga can go well beyond the mat and far into the workplace.

Has yoga helped you in the workplace? Please comment below!

Tune in to my regular bi-weekly updates on Huff Post to hear how I believe yoga can help save the business world. You can receive notice of my blogs by checking Become a Fan at the top.

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