Is the Internet killing religion?

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Is the Internet killing religion?
But to be religiously unaffiliated doesn’t require a lack of faith or spirituality, researchers say. Yes, the “nones” group includes those who might call themselves atheists or agnostics. But it also accounts for many – 46 million people …

Finding Spirituality in the Pews
When thinking of spiritual intensity, I cannot help but bring myself to my countless experiences sitting in church pews. Growing up in a sheltered Conservative Jewish community, I lived a spiritual bubble–complete with Hebrew day school, religious summer …

Religion & Spirituality in Charlotte
Tears are healing. Not only are they a way of shedding the pain that one holds deep inside, they open the door for God to enter in and apply his loving salve to your wounded heart. They are… Many churches today are encouraging families to live and share …

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This Iconic Self-Help Book Proves That Spirituality Has A Place In The … – Huffington Post

This Iconic Self-Help Book Proves That Spirituality Has A Place In The
Huffington Post
But what if a leading business expert came along and told us there was another way — that spirituality and self-renewal play critical roles in helping us reach our highest potential? That's exactly what Stephen R. Covey did with his iconic 1989 book

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2 States: Watch Alia, Arjun’s soulful romance in ‘Chandaniya’
The makers of ‘2 States’ have released the next song from the film which goes as ‘Chandaniya’ which is totally serene and soulful. Unlike the other songs, this new song is not full of fun or any wedding track but ‘Chandaniya …

Atlanta’s Baby Baby release “Big Boy Baller Club” and begin tour
Clark Westfield of The Gay Blade “…vocals like an inebriated Louis Armstrong then switching gears, and delving into a soulful, yet eccentric, singing style that brings to mind fellow Georgian Andre 3000…” – Performer

Westeros is a man’s man’s man’s world in the soulful mashup “James Of Thrones”
James Brown used to charge his band up to a hundred dollars every time they made a mistake on stage, which seems harsh until you consider how the Lannisters deal with their problems. And Westeros is definitely a man’s world, although it would …

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