You Are Never Truly Alone

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You Are Never Truly Alone
“If you are lonely when you are alone, you are in bad company.” — Jean-Paul Sartr

“All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone.” — Jean de la Bruyere

Being alone. It can be a wonderful time to recharge, relax and just be. And it can also feel really lonely. Many of my clients this week have been dealing with feelings of loneliness so today I feel called to offer some ways in which you can shift how you experience being alone.

The truth is we are always alone and never really alone. I realize that may sound confusing. We are always alone in that even when we are with other people we are 100-percent solely responsible for our experience. No one can “make” us feel any certain way. On the flip side, we are never really alone in that we are all connected on a Universal level. One of the ultimate Truths is that we are all One and each one of us is also connected to a Higher Power, which makes it impossible to ever truly be alone.

The experience of loneliness is based on the misunderstanding that we are separate and that being with another would “fix” the ache inside. What we are most longing for when we are lonely is the connection to that feeling of Oneness. When you feel lonely, having someone else there seems like the solution; however, the solution really lies in reinterpreting your experience of being alone and finding ways to feel connected both to yourself and to Spirit.

Now you may be asking, “How do I do I feel connected when I feel totally alone and disconnected?” Sometimes the experience of loneliness can feel so painful that connection seems almost impossible. If that feels true for you, here is a four-step process you can use to support yourself in relieving feeling lonely:

Step One: Indulge. Throw yourself a pity party — but only for 10 minutes! Allow yourself to cry, feel sorry for yourself, entertain all the reasons why you are alone, fantasize over what would make it better, etc. Really go for it, get all the yucky feelings and judgments out by writing them all on a piece of paper and then destroying it. Give yourself the opportunity to experience the pain of your loneliness knowing you only have 10 minutes to indulge. Once the timer goes off, the pity party is over.

Step Two: Investigate. The negative feelings that come from being alone stem from what you are telling yourself when you are alone. Investigate your thoughts and judgments. What are you making being alone mean? I assure you that what you are telling yourself about being alone is what is causing your suffering. As you realize that you are the one making alone mean something that triggers pain, you will be ready to make it mean something different. You may not be able to immediately shift the physical experience of being by yourself; but you can change your perception of it.

Step Three: Inspire. Loneliness can be a heavy experience and your energy often becomes stagnant when you’re in it. Find something that feels inspiring to you to begin uplifting your energy. Listen to song that inspires you, read a book that comforts you, or do something creative to tap into your own inspiration. Being inspired also will support you in feeling connected to a Higher Power. Look closely at the word inspire and you’ll see “in spirit.”

Step Four: Initiate. From a place of inspiration, rather than desperation or separation, initiate some kind of action that aligns you with feeling connected. Take some time to meditate or pray to support you in your awareness of Oneness and deepen your connection with yourself. Get out of your house and head somewhere like the grocery store where there are other people around. Initiate conversations with strangers. Or perhaps reach out to a friend or family member — but remember your pity party is over so reach out with the intention to connect, not to complain about being alone.

And, remember, you are never truly alone. You are connected. You are part of the Oneness we are all a part of (even if it does not always feel like it). Seize the beautiful opportunity that the feeling of loneliness can be the catalyst for: a deeper connection to your authentic self. Soon you will discover that you are really good company.

With love,


Josh Hutcherson Gives Valuable Advice To His Younger Self
If you had the opportunity to give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Well, you may get some ideas from Josh Hutcherson.

After 21 years of experiences, the “Hunger Games” actor imparts his wisdom on us and it’s the perfect reminder to stay true to ourselves.

1. Do things because you want to do them. “I was bullied, especially when I first said I wanted to be an actor, kids thought I was weird.”

2. Be motivated by passion, not fear. “I want to drive forward with what I want to be doing next.”

3. Heartbreak doesn’t mean failure. “It’s a learning process.”

4. Good friends are worth the wait. “Once you get to that place where you find people you connect with — it’s so much better.”

5. It’s a great thing to be different. “The difference is what leads to greatness.”

Watch the video above for more of Hutcherson’s advice.

h/t BuzzFeed

Meditation Is the Best High Ever
“You don’t need a special place to meditate. You can transcend anywhere in the world. The unified field is here, and there, and everywhere.” — David Lynch

I’m all for taking it higher. The natural way, that is. Feeling uplifted, elated, ecstatic, exalted, or simply giddy with joy is something each and every one of us can feel anytime, anywhere.

How, you might ask? Meditation. When you allow yourself to sit quietly and just “be,” you can experience a feeling that goes beyond a state of mind you’re used to. It can feel boundless or limitless, and can best be described as transcendent, which means you’re going (according to the Oxford Dictionary) “beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience.”

Now that’s the kind of high I’m talking about, and it’s about as natural as it gets. And here’s the best part — it’s completely harmless to your health, doesn’t cost a thing, not addicting, and can’t kill you.

Who wouldn’t want to try some of that? You can do it in the privacy of your home with no one watching, no clean up after, no withdrawal whatsoever, and no one’s going to worry about whether you’re okay or not. As a matter of fact, they’re probably going to want some of what you’re having, so be prepared for them to want to get high, I mean “transcend” with you.

Meditation can get you high off of you just “being you.” Imagine getting buzzed off of an energy field that is so powerful, it takes nothing more than you dropping into yourself to experience it.

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Sit quietly.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Focus on your breath in and out.
4. Allow yourself to “be” with acceptance.

That’s it!

Don’t judge. Just be you.

Get high on yourself. You might not want to come down.

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