17 Easy Ways to Be More Awesome Today

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GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
17 Easy Ways to Be More Awesome Today
Sometimes we are so busy, we do not realize that a few minutes of our time, a smile, or even sharing a few dollars can change the course of someone else’s day.

Hada Bejar said so beautifully about kindness that: “The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.”

It is a truly wonderful thing that when we do something kind, we reap the rewards too. Here are 17 easy ways to be more awesome today:

1. Compliment someone! Like your colleague’s new jacket? Someone’s hair look nice today? Tell them! The boost this gives will impact both of you.

2. When you pay for your coffee, pay an extra $3 and say you would like to cover the next patron’s. This will make someone’s day!

3. Smile! A smile from a stranger on the street or on the subway can remind us the world is a kind and loving place.

4. Text an old friend. A short text remembering something funny you guys did or requesting a fun get together will put you both in a good mood.

5. Say thank you with feeling. Whatever it is, a speedy response to a question, another person letting you take the cab, someone holding the elevator, say thank you like you mean it!

6. Be the person (who does the act in #5)! And don’t worry if you don’t get a thank you. It’s the giving that counts!

7. Lift the mood. Does someone have the Monday blues? Is it raining today? Sometimes a little joke, “love Mondays!” or “beautiful day!” can keep it real, folks.

8. Dance! Put on your favorite Spotify playlist and just be light and move your body.

9. Help someone. If it is helping someone with a stroller down the stairs, letting someone cut in line who looks hurried, or even just waiting to hold a door open for the person behind you… do it happily.

10. Wear something bright! Why does our black stuff always get used first? Orange skirt? Lovely! Yellow belt? Yes please! Red coat? Don’t mind if I do! Color is a free and easy way to lighten things up.

11. Praise someone publicly. In a meeting or a group email — thank someone or highlight something good they did. They will remember this!

12. Tell someone you love them. Even if it is just your dog. And look them in the eye when you do it.

13. Send someone a book! Books on Amazon can be cheaper than $10, but the thought and effort are priceless. Extra points if it is specifically relevant for them at the time, but an old fave of yours is great too.

14. Express your gratitude — do you just love your salad every day? Tell the person who makes it!

15. Give a hug. People need them more than we think! I made my friends group hug over brunch the other day, and it made us happy and close.

16. Kill time with love. Instead of Candy Crushing or checking Facebook, play on Freerice.com. It’s fun and for each answer you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to people who need it.

17. Drink a glass of champagne. No, you don’t need an occasion. Being alive in a beautiful world is reason enough.

Share your acts of awesomeness using #kindnessrevolution to inspire others to do the same.

How have you been awesome today?

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