The Lesson Cindy Crawford Learned From Failing As An Actress (VIDEO)

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The Lesson Cindy Crawford Learned From Failing As An Actress (VIDEO)
When a film producer asked 28-year-old supermodel Cindy Crawford to star in a movie, she thought, “Why not?”

Titled “Fair Game,” the action-thriller flick turned out to be a flop. “It was a failure according to the world, let’s say,” Crawford says in the above video.

“But to me personally, it wasn’t a failure,” she says. Rather, Crawford took it as lesson. It’s one of many she’s sharing on “Oprah’s Lifeclass” as the series’ first guest teacher.

“I also learned, guess what — I am not good at acting,” she says. “And it doesn’t resonate with me.” She discovered she’s comfortable in front of a camera — when she’s being herself. “I am not one of those people that loves playing a role,” she says.

Instead of building an acting career she didn’t love, she was able to put her time and energy into pursuing her real passions.

“The failures are great gifts,” Crawford says. “Because sometimes, knowing what you don’t want or what doesn’t work gets you one step closer to what you do want or what does work.”

Crawford shares more of her greatest lessons along with the five questions you need to ask yourself to gain optimal understanding of who you are and where you’re going. Watch her full “Lifeclass” episode, available on demand at on Friday, April 4.

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