Re-Awaken Love in Your Life

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Re-Awaken Love in Your Life
“Where there is love there is life.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

The theme of letting love into your heart seems to have hit a powerful chord with so many people I encounter. Opening our heart is never easy, especially when there’s been a heartbreak that has shut us down and allowed us to build walls to protect the tenderness of our heart. But we can draw from the Seven Love Steps to feel again, to love again, and to let love back in. These steps can guide your meditations to re-awaken love in your life and let it begin to fill your heart.

1. First, we need to give ourselves permission to begin the process. You don’t have to give in or forgive someone (or even yourself) – but simply granting yourself permission to go to your heart is a huge step.

2. Accepting that you are entitled to receive unconditional love is critical. You are so worthy, so deserving to receive the love of the divine creator, the love of the universe and the love of others.

3. Acknowledging that you are here in this precious sacred moment, and whatever broke your heart or continues to ache it, has brought you to this moment where you can love again and feel love again.

4. Appreciating your environment and having gratitude for the world around you allows you take your attention off of the “poor me” mindset and allows you to ask, “How can I serve others?”

5. Having compassion is empathy plus rooting for someone’s pain and suffering to end. Having self-compassion (yes, rooting for yourself) and willing to forgive yourself for any big or little sins you’ve been beating yourself up over will allow you to step through your current pain which is holding you back.

6. Sharing love with others, flowing love into the world in every moment, and living life with a Namaste mindset offers you an opportunity to be the change with very little risk to your tenderness.

7. And lastly – celebrate! Celebrate your little wins … your small successes. Party! And congratulate yourself for leaning in the direction of LOVE.

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