Integrating meditation with science

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Integrating meditation with science
Mindfulness meditation produces personal experiences that are not readily interpretable by scientists who want to study its psychiatric benefits in the brain. Researchers have now been able to integrate mindfulness experience with hard neuroscience data to advance more rigorous study.

Contrary to expectations, life experiences better use of money than material items
Why do shoppers continue to buy material items, despite research showing that purchasing life experiences will make them happier? A new study says they believe material items will be the best use of their money, despite the fact that, after the purchase, experiential items are considered the better value. The research suggests these individuals are sacrificing well-being for a sense of value that never materializes.

Relationships News — ScienceDaily
Beyond proficiency: How early English exposure influences non-native speakers
Non-native speakers exposed to English through newspapers, books, TV and classes as well as traveling before moving to the US are more likely to use the language socially and culturally, according to a report. “English-language ability is one of the most important determinants of socioeconomic mobility in the United States, with strong effects on employment, earnings and occupational status,” noted the study’s lead author.

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