3 Keys to Empowerment While Grieving

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3 Keys to Empowerment While Grieving
Feeling empowered while moving through grief can be an incredibly healing part of the process. So often, we struggle with feelings of shame or guilt after going through a loss. However, it is possible to move through your grief journey in an empowered way.

How can we become empowered while grieving? Well, it involves three key elements…

Compassionate Community
It is essential to have a supportive community — one that can support you on your journey without judgment. This experience will offer great validity around the feelings you are moving through, and this on its own is very empowering. A compassionate community can affirm that you don’t have to be ashamed of your feelings and offer a positive space to simply let you be you.

Honor Your Loss
It is also important to honor your loss in your own personal way. Consider what would be the most meaningful way to honor your loss — whether that includes creating a ritual, gathering with friends, doing volunteer work, or visiting a meaningful place — and incorporate it regularly into your life. Do what feels special to you.

Honor and Love Yourself
Another big one is all about honoring and loving yourself. Honor the path that you are on and give yourself unconditional love and support as if you were your own best friend. When you are hurting, this is especially vital to your overall health and healing. A few ways to honor yourself would be to attend a support group, go to individual counseling to really focus on YOU, treat yourself to a massage, try a gentle yoga class, or post positive affirmations on your mirror.

These uplifting means of support will help you to feel empowered and nurture your inner strength as you gradually move forward day to day. Grief can amazingly teach us about the strength that resides within. Allow yourself to gradually tap into that strength by exercising positive self-talk, connecting with others who can support and understand your loss, and reaching for healthy outlets that honor your journey and allow you to move at your own pace.

Remember, to have loss is to be human. With each loss, we add on to our layers of experience. We always hold the ability to honor our losses with grace and dignity. There is nothing weak or small about this journey. I invite you to open up to your empowered sense of self as you continue to feel your grief. Allow grief and empowerment to exist together hand in hand. This is both natural and life transforming!

5 New Directions When You Feel Lost
Like the body sheds sunburned skin, I have recently shed all that was not serving a positive purpose in my life. I ended a marriage-like relationship, moved to a different state, took up acting lessons, left acting lessons, took them up again, fell in unrequited love, and began working on a boatload of new projects. But these seismic shifts left me in a tragically beautiful place: lost.

I have always gotten what I wanted. And with it came everything I never wanted. But recently I have been so confused that I can’t even pinpoint what I want. Whereas one year ago all elements of my life were so rich with stability that I could predict what would happen months in advance, today I can’t anticipate what will happen tomorrow. And I see a similar trend among many of my friends and clients: they are immensely talented, gifted, brimming with ambition… yet they can’t track down the road already mapped out for them. They feel that they could go one way or another in both their private and public lives, but they are so stricken with doubt that they remain in the same place and go nowhere. I try to point out to them that although consistent progress is imperative to success, at times standing still is of equal worth as moving forward.

When you’re lost, you take notice of details. It’s similar to driving to a new location but getting de-routed and taking the scenic route by accident. For a brief moment you no longer care about reaching your destination. You just want to bask in the beauty of what’s directly before you.

Such is the beauty of being lost, lending attention to the finer aspects, the otherwise unnoticed elements, negligible pleasures that can magnify tenfold to become your greatest joys. If ever you feel lost, consider these five foolproof directions to supply you with instant understanding and a brand new aim:

Seek inspiration. You limit your view if you look only to yourself for inspiration, especially if you are stuck in a puddle of uncertainty. Absorb, instead, the world around you. Listen to the unique stories of others and internalize their lessons. Because to listen is to learn — to learn the role of your own destiny by comparing and contrasting it to that of others. At the end of the day we all share in the same adventures that weave together the fabric of the human experience. Pick three people and familiarize yourself with their stories. You can choose from family, friends, neighbors, or a famous person. In studying their histories, ask yourself these questions: What did this person have trouble with? How does their story relate to mine? How can this inspire me to find my own way? Scope out the hardships they have been faced with as well as their means of surpassing trials. Examine their mentality and the actions they adopted when passing through a tough time and apply the method you feel appropriate to your situation. Life becomes an endless source of knowledge and wisdom if we trace the magic thread that runs throughout the human race and use it to sew our own fate forward.

Expand your potential. This is the perfect time to think outside the box. One of the advantages of being lost is that you have no obligation to steer in a set direction; your ship is free to sail on open seas. Whereas if you were set on a goal you would only focus on that one ambition ahead, feeling lost leads you to devise more strategies. You begin to think, What if I did this, or this, or this? In times of not knowing where to turn, turn in all directions in your mind. Use your mind’s eye to project outcomes if you were to strive towards one prospect versus another. Visualize all possibilities, even ones that seem highly unlikely, and settle on the course that excites you most.

Work on creativity. Since being lost forces you to come up with alternatives, your “shadow” begins to creep in. We are immensely creative creatures yet we confine our imaginative powers to abide by the will of others. Recognize your strongest creative point, whether it’s a knack for art, a habit for detail, or a head for business. Being creative simply means creating: new projects, ideas, ventures, and the like. Associate yourself with fellow fertile minds and brainstorm to start something amazing. This will keep you occupied and exercising your productive forces. Creativity allows you to make something out of nothing, and that is a truly remarkable ability.

Go inside for answers. Being without a solid aim leads you to aim inward. Suddenly you begin to know yourself better than you thought. You pay more attention to your needs and desires instead of the needs of your job or desires of another person, for example. The truth is that if you go inward, you’ll discover exactly where to go outward. That’s because you begin to process reality based on what’s particularly true for you. Your intuition ultimately sends you down the correct path. Do not think of it as being lost. Think of it as a temporary pause on your journey during which you should follow nothing but your heart’s desire.

Trust unconditionally. Most often you have to trust yourself: to do the right thing, get the job done, and make the best decision. But there are rare occasions when you must trust that your next move will be shown to you. All you have to do is pay attention. While you are inactive, the universe is laboring to get you the help you need. Watch for signs, clues, and unexpected opportunities. Have faith that you’ll receive an almighty nudge in the right direction.

The beauty of being lost becomes evident when you view your life through the lens of inspiration, potential, creativity, your inner power, and unconditional trust. Then, you are blessed by new direction — the right direction — to guide you towards the light of fulfillment.

To being found,
Alexandra Harra

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