Religion and spirituality have complementary beneficial health effects

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Religion and spirituality have complementary beneficial health effects
There is research to support this assumption. Science Daily reported on March 28, 2014 that religion and spirituality influence health in different but complementary ways. Oregon State University reports that Carolyn Aldwin, who is a gerontology professor …

Emma Watson: ‘Noah’ Star Talks Film and Spirituality
None of the women are really spoken about in the biblical story. There wouldn’t have been … We trended worldwide! Thank you so much for sending me your questions. I loved doing this!!! Go see Noah on March 28th! #NoahMovie #AskEmma

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Centuries-old Egyptian dog and cat mummies take centre stage at California museum
Most animals had an even greater job. They were charged with the responsibility of using their souls in death to carry messages to the gods they had represented on Earth during their lives. The dog, for example, was the sacred votive or messenger of the …

Soulful Leadership in Education
How can head and heart be integrated? How can we explore meaning and purpose in education? From introducing a simple nonsectarian breathing meditation practice or inviting reflective reading or compassionate presence to using advanced techniques of …

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