Your Authentic Self: Your Weekly Wake-Up Call to Build Meaningful Relationships

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GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
Your Authentic Self: Your Weekly Wake-Up Call to Build Meaningful Relationships
It is better to be hated for what you are
than to be loved for what you are not.
— André Gide

Who is the person in your life with whom you are most afraid of sharing your honest feelings? Which relationship do you not want to ‘stir up’ out of fear that the other person will abandon or reject you?

Have you been doing exactly what your boss wants for years without telling her you feel undervalued in the company and want to be consulted more on strategic decisions? Are you still being the child your mother or father always wanted? Have you been reluctant to share that you don’t want the career they want you to have, that you are gay, or that you’re not interested in the kind of partner they want for you?

Are you choosing a path over and over again that leads you only to unmet expectations and a feeling of inner failure that eats away at your soul? Are you afraid of feeling vulnerable and exposed for who you truly are?

Having real discussions and airing differences is the only way to usher in the feelings of safety and true connection that lead to a lasting, meaningful relationship. So wouldn’t it be easier to skip the charade and just be yourself from the starting gate? While ‘What have you got to lose?’ by being yourself is a good question, an even more compelling question is ‘What have you got to gain?’ by the alternative.

This week, come up with one new strategy in your life that will bring more authenticity to your relationships.

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