Spring Into Spring! 4 Ways to Jumpstart The Season

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Spring Into Spring! 4 Ways to Jumpstart The Season
I don’t want to jinx it, but I think it’s finally happening: Spring is coming! After a winter that never seemed to quit, the birds are chirping, the gloves are packed away, and the snow is melting. Which got me thinking, if Mother Nature takes some time to transition from the blustery winter to the sunny spring, why don’t we give ourselves a similar mental/physical shift? If you’re like me, feeling a little stuck from the cold, grey season, you might need a real push to actually make your spring… spring! I’ve committed to the following list in order to be fresh and rejuvenated by the time spring air and sunshine comes flooding through our windows.

Here Are Four Ways to Jumpstart Your Spring Rejuvenation:

1. “Springify” Your Home
This goes beyond just a good spring-cleaning! Open your windows, dust, sweep up any remaining pine needle lurking behind the couch from December, and put fresh flowers in a vase. The whole energy of your home will shift. Additionally, I always make an effort to throwing things out or giving things away at this time of year. I find that shedding physical items that are cluttering my home can actually de-clutter my mind and rid me of some of the emotional weight I gained during the winter. Maybe when you’re packing up your bulky sweaters or seemingly endless collection of scarves, you try to give away at least 1 item from each category. You’d be surprised by how much a little extra drawer or closet space can make you feel lighter.

2. Treat Yourself!
Any kind of treat will do, as long as it’s “spring-y.” That is to say, do something seasonal that bids winter “adieu” and welcomes spring with open arms. Accepting the change of season by building an event around it is a sure-fire way to be present and positive in the change. Whether it’s a new haircut, buying a bright and swingy spring dress, or having your first official fro-yo of the season, make a connection between a choice you make and the change in the air. Then you and the seasons will be in tune.

3. Breathe
Not that you haven’t been breathing all winter long, but by March or April, the closed windows, doors, and grey skies can make the air seem a little stale. The time has come to breathe some truly fresh air. Get your oxygen fix anyway that suits you: run outside for possibly the first time in months! Meditate in the park on a sunny day. Do a yoga flow class and truly commit to the inhale/exhale rhythm of the practice.

4. Let Your Creativity Bloom
Not an artist? Not a problem! The whole point of this exercise is letting go and exploring your own creative instincts! Commit to creating one new thing for your home. It can be as simple as framing and hanging that picture of you and your BFF that you love or recovering your throw pillows for a burst of new color. If you want to get a bit more involved, take a trip to the craft store and just explore! Maybe you’ll be inspired to build and decorate your own window garden; or maybe you’ll stick to watercolor paints and a little imagination. You never know until you try! Accessing your creativity, especially in an unexpected way, can get you motivated for any and all changes that spring may bring.

Try any combination of the above to activate your inner springtime! Think of conscious changes like these as little rays of sunshine melting away your winter snow. The emotional weight of winter can be lessened when you proactively put a little “spring” in your step.

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