This Playlist Will Help You Pave The Path To Your Dreams

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GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
This Playlist Will Help You Pave The Path To Your Dreams
The stress and strain of constantly being connected can sometimes take your life — and your well-being — off course. GPS For The Soul can help you find your way back to balance.

GPS Guides are our way of showing you what has relieved others’ stress in the hopes that you will be able to identify solutions that work for you. We all have de-stressing “secret weapons” that we pull out in times of tension or anxiety, whether they be photos that relax us or make us smile, songs that bring us back to our heart, quotes or poems that create a feeling of harmony, or meditative exercises that help us find a sense of silence and calm. We encourage you to look at the GPS Guide below, visit our other GPS Guides here, and share with us your own personal tips for finding peace, balance and tranquility.

We all have passions we want to pursue and we’ll do anything to make sure they come to fruition. But the roads that lead us to our dreams aren’t always a sure shot — and it’s when we stumble across those roadblocks that we need a little extra motivation. If you’re experiencing a lot of bumps on the journey to your goals, press play on the playlist below. You’ll feel motivated in minutes!

Follow That Dream — Elvis Presley
Hall Of Fame — The Script
Remember The Name — Fort Minor
Change — Taylor Swift
I Won’t Back Down — Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
Stand — Rascal Flatts
Hold On — Wilson Phillips
Break My Stride — Matthew Wilder
Survivor — Destiny’s Child

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7 Reasons Why We Should Be Giving More Hugs
Admit it: Nothing gives you comfort quite like a warm hug.

Whether you’re wrapped up in the arms of your partner or greeting a friend hello, hugs have a way of making us feel warm and fuzzy inside. But aside from making us feel protected and loved, this touching gesture can also do wonders for our well-being. So whether it’s a simple squeeze, a big bear hug or some cute cuddling — there are plenty of reasons why we should embrace the act of, well, embracing someone. Below, find seven reasons why we should be giving more hugs.

They make us feel good.

boy hugging dog

The simple act of a hug isn’t just felt on our arms. When we embrace someone, oxytocin (also known as “the cuddle hormone”) is released, making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The chemical has also been linked to social bonding. “Oxytocin is a neuropeptide, which basically promotes feelings of devotion, trust and bonding,” DePauw University psychologist Matt Hertenstein told NPR. “It really lays the biological foundation and structure for connecting to other people.”

More hugs = lower blood pressure.


The hormones that are released in the body after a hug aren’t just good for happy feelings — they can also help your physical health. When someone touches you, the sensation on your skin activates pressure receptors called Pacinian corpuscles, which then send signals to the vagus nerve, an area of the brain that is responsible for (among many things) lowering blood pressure, NPR reported.

They may alleviate our fears.

teddy bear hug

In a study on fears and self-esteem, research published in the journal Psychological Science revealed that hugs and touch significantly reduce worry of mortality. The studies found that hugging — even if it was just an inatimate object like a teddy bear — helps soothe individuals’ existential fears. “Even fleeting and seemingly trivial instances of interpersonal touch may help people to deal more effectively with existential concern,” lead researcher Sander Koole wrote in the study. “Interpersonal touch is such a powerful mechanism that even objects that simulate touch by another person may help to instill in people a sense of existential significance.”

Hugging can be good for our hearts.

hug heart

Embracing someone may warm your heart, but according to one study a hug can be good medicine for it too: In an experiment at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill , participants who didn’t have any contact with their partners developed a quickened heart rate of 10 beats per minute compared to the five beats per minute among those who got to hug their partners during the experiment.

Adults can benefit from hugging the most.


According to researchers at Ohio State University, hugging and physical touch becomes increasingly important with age. “The older you are, the more fragile you are physically, so contact becomes increasingly important for good health,” University psychologist Janice Kiecolt-Glaser told USA TODAY. Studies have shown that loneliness, particularly with age, can also increase stress and have averse health effects. By hugging someone, we instantly feel closer to that person and decrease feelings of loneliness.

Hugs are a natural stress reliever.

friends hugging group

Feeling strung out? Go give someone a squeeze. When we embrace, we immediately reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol produced in our bodies. Hugs also make our bodies release tension and send calming messages to the brain.

Well-hugged babies are less stressed as adults.

baby hug

Want to do something for future generations? Hug them when they’re still little. An Emory University study in rats found a link between touch and relieving stress, particularly in the early stages of life. The research concluded that the same can be said of humans, citing that babies’ development — including how they cope with stress as adults — depends on a combination of nature and nurture.

Getting Angry Is Actually Good For You. It’s Just Science (VIDEO)
Why do we get angry?

It turns out that anger is an essential human emotion. Dr. Aaron Sell, an anger researcher at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Center for Evolutionary Psychology, told HuffPost Science in an email, “We evolved an anger system to protect and enforce our own interests against those of other people.”

So what would the world be like if this anger system never existed? Actually, a complete mess! Click on the video above and/or read a full transcript below to find out why. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments. Talk nerdy to me!


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