Sam Smith Drops Soulful New Single ‘Stay With Me’ – Purple Sneakers

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Sam Smith Drops Soulful New Single ‘Stay With Me’ – Purple Sneakers

Purple Sneakers

Sam Smith Drops Soulful New Single 'Stay With Me'
Purple Sneakers
The classy young Brit SAM SMITH is many things: A heart-throb, a future-soul/electronic R&B icon on the rise to legendary status, and above all – a pretty nice bloke. Mr. SMITH has just released his latest single 'Stay With Me' from his upcoming album

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IT HAPPENED TO ME: A “Spiritual Leader” I’ve Known for Almost a Decade … – xoJane


IT HAPPENED TO ME: A "Spiritual Leader" I've Known for Almost a Decade
Over the years, I've become a bit of a sucker for all things spiritual. So when a friend of mine handed me a flyer to meet a supposedly "enlightened being" who was in my town visiting, I took her up on the opportunity. Of course, anyone can call

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the christian life is not a self-improvement project
Most essentially, spirituality is openness to the Spirit….The whole thing is a dance. Your partner is the Spirit, who has already entered the dance floor and is calling for you to come. The Spirit will lead the dance. You only need to follow. Don’t …

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Terry Gillespie with Lyndell Montgomery – Penticton
Sometimes chance encounters, bring people together for a reason – people who would have never met were it not in the stars to do so. Thus is the story of Terry Gillespie and Lyndell Montgomery. Here we have two very talented musicians from different walks …

Gavin DeGraw talks visit to WVU
Singer-songwriter and musician Gavin DeGraw will take the stage of the West Virginia University Creative Arts Center Sunday night and bring the soulful personality we’ve grown to love since his 2003 debut. After making chart-topping hits for over 10 …

Prefix Premiere: Werkha “Beacons” EP
With influences by Flying Lotus and having exposures to different styles of music from jazz, calypso, to drum and bass at an early age, Werkha’s latest EP Beacons has a rather eclectic vibe to it ranging from soulful house to electronic. You can stream it …

POT by Roy Choi, A Soulful Ode to Korean Cuisine
The gently wrapped Kat Man Doo dumplings come dressed in soy, chilies, and scallions for maximum effect, while chewy squid gets tossed with rice cakes, onions, and gochujang. In almost all steps, Choi is taking the cuisine of his motherland and …

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