Chill out, tune in to soulful jazz – Independent Online

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Chill out, tune in to soulful jazz – Independent Online

Independent Online

Chill out, tune in to soulful jazz
Independent Online
“WHEN I was in the studio recording my album, I'd pat myself on the back and say, 'Wow, I didn't know I could do that',” Durban songstress Natalie Rungan (pictured) laughs as we chat about her latest album, Heart Aflame. The 11-track collection

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Chris Evans Is Ready To Hang Up Captain America’s Shield For Good
Chris Evans, formerly the Human Torch, is now Captain America. And, apparently, in front of the camera, that’s all he’s going to be in the near future. And beyond that, he’s not going to be in front of the camera at all. Variety has a long gushy puff …

The Soulful Body and Skin of Nude Paintings
An inimitable nude painting … dimension that is achieved when the mind and body of the artist become one with the subject he is working with. The true spiritual union of a man and woman as described by the countless sacred books and treatise …

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