Golda Och Academy Brings Innovative Family Inclusion Trip to Israel to the Community

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Golda Och Academy Brings Innovative Family Inclusion Trip to Israel to the Community
While including all the highlights one would expect on a mission to Israel—Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, archeological digs, dinner on a kibbutz, Masada, the Dead Sea, and more—the … and longer stays in fewer hotels. Highpoints of the trip will …

Religion & Spirituality in New York
It depicts the effect of the breaking forth of God’s power upon the unredeemed world. After the Exodus and the deliverance of God’s people — in the… Psalm 113The psalm declares that from the rising of the sun to the going down of it, Israel’s God …

Religion and Spirituality
Pastor Addy came to my house, asked me to pray with him and that he has had some bad revelations about me. While we were praying, he undressed me and started licking my vagina ….” These were the words of a 32-year-old woman who alleged that she was …

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Jazz orchestra to play renown works in ‘great song book’
As March comes to an end, jazz musicians prepare to celebrate National Jazz Month in April with a collective concert to showcase renown works. The Moores Jazz Orchestra will host “The Great American Song Book” at 7:30 p.m. on April 16 at the …

‘John Wayne: The Life and Legend,’ Explains a Star’s Power
He was the strong, forthright hero: authentic, stubborn, sometimes pigheaded but dedicated to justice and capable of tenderness and sacrifice; a solitary figure, called upon to defend the homestead or rescue the girl, but often exiled, in the …

Listen To The Chainsmoker’s #Selfie As a Soulful Piano Ballad
#Selfie is one of those guilty pleasures that is so goofy and funny, you cant help but laugh and dance to it… But can you imagine if it was sung as a soulful piano ballad? Check out this video by Sam Tsui where he takes the big room club jam …

New Music: Elle Varner – ‘See Me Tonight’
The truth hurts. Elle Varner hides her pain on the second installment in her four-letter word series. Following “Cold Case,” the R&B songstress expresses the sentiment of the word “lies” on the stirring and soulful “See Me Tonight.”

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