A Spirituality that Embraces Feelings & Desire – PsychCentral.com (blog)

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A Spirituality that Embraces Feelings & Desire – PsychCentral.com (blog)

A Spirituality that Embraces Feelings & Desire
PsychCentral.com (blog)
A Spirituality that Embraces Feelings & Desire We often hear spiritual teachers say that suffering is created by our attachments and that the path toward awakening means transcending desires. But might the opposite be true? Is suffering generated by a

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Abhishek Kapoor’s next project a movie of Mahabharata
Director Abhishek Kapoor will bring Indian mythology’s greatest epic The Mahabharata onto the big screen. “The Mahabharata expresses the universal truth; it has defined my understanding of spirituality and of all humanity. I aim to translate this onto the …

Significance Of Shitala Saptami Puja
Goddess Shitala is usually depicted as a young maiden crowned with a winnowing fan, riding an ass, holding a broom and a pot. She is also sometimes depicted as carrying neem leaves in Her hand. On the day of Shitala Saptami, the Goddess is …

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Jammin Java: Aurora Barnes as the opening act for Josh Garrels in the DMV area
Did you know? Aurora Barnes considered a beauty with a soulful a voice to match, will be releasing her new EP, Fair Game which is produced by Grammy nominated Rob Lewis and Grammy winner Om’Mas Keith) on April 1, 2014. Who: Open to general public …

The Internet surprises with confident, skillful set at The Blind Pig
The band’s most recent release, Sep. 2013’s Feel Good, showed significant growth beyond the lackluster Purple Naked Ladies, with evidence of an amalgamation of musical influences, intricate instrumental arrangements and some very soulful singing by Syd …

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