Blurring Lines In Bombay Politics

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Blurring Lines In Bombay Politics
Many communities would say, ‘we want nothing else, just give us basic security.’ NT: What role do you expect religion to play in the future of Indian society? E: What interests me is the spirituality of religion, and moral values of religion.

The Creator Won’t Make Bad Deals
But emotion can get very intense. If not love, at least in anger you are intense. In some emotion you are capable of being intense. If I cannot make you get intense with love or joy, if I abuse you, you will become intense with anger at least …

Magic of the Moment
FOMO, the ‘fear of missing out’, is a recently identified anxiety disorder that plagues those who are part … people reach out for their Wi-Fi and 3G-enabled electronic devices during every free moment including at night, when the …

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Robin Thicke hosts a steamy, soulful ladies night at ACL Live
“There are a lotta bored looking dudes in here,” my friend remarked a few songs into Robin Thicke’s steamy set at ACL Live Thursday night. As indicated by the high-pitched squeal that went through the crowd the moment he set foot on stage, this was a …

Inner Rhythm Choir and St. Patrick’s Day Party
The soulful sounds of a red-jacket choir prompted smiles in one part of the city, while in another, a live cover of Tom Petty’s American Girl had folks dancing in the street. It was music, parties and lots of camaraderie, kicking off the official start …

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