Spirituality Mondays examines faith and reason

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Spirituality Mondays examines faith and reason
Sponsored by the Center for Spirituality, Spirituality Mondays offer a weekly opportunity for Saint Mary’s faculty, staff and students to gather as a community and share their wisdom through civilized conversation, Groppe said. Waddell opened the …

Tips for living: Fighting against spiritual atrophy
Feeling lazy? Complacent? Stuck in your religious observance? Maybe it’s your spiritual muscles that are going soft from lack of use. In “Spiritual Atrophy,” Christopher R. Greenwood shares ways to help strengthen spiritual muscles. When a …

Religion & Spirituality
In view of the role labor unions have played in the recent bankruptcy of Detroit and the decline of America in general, the media and politicians fail to talk about organized labor’s real purpose: to serve as a…

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Massey Hall to launch new film series
The first two concerts to be filmed are planned for late May and will feature, respectively, folksy trio Timber Timbre with soulful Cold Specks opening, then French-Canadian singer-songwriter Cœur de Pirate with special guest Bry Webb. The first gig with …

Julio Davis stays the course of Trio’s jazz/hip-hop soul
“Highly skilled and hard-working, they’re also passionate and driven.” Dawn delivered supple, powerhouse vocals on “Soulful Strut,” which began life as the backing track for Chicago R&B singer Barbara Acklin’s 1966 Top 40 …

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The Spirituality of AA – New York Times

The Spirituality of AA
New York Times
Alcoholics Anonymous is not a “religious” program, but a “spiritual” one. Neither of the two men who founded A.A., Dr. Robert Smith and Bill Wilson, at the time of their meeting in Akron, Ohio, in 1935 was “religious” in the true sense, because prayer

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