PSA Reminds Us To Love Later Life And Embrace Aging

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PSA Reminds Us To Love Later Life And Embrace Aging
Aging isn’t about wrinkles or graying hair, it’s a state of mind, a new PSA reminds us. “There is no cure for aging, because aging isn’t an illness,” the narrator says.

A series of quick video spots on aging is part of British charity, Age UK‘s, newest campaign entitled, “Love Later Life.” The videos were designed to remind people that aging isn’t such a bad thing and that seniors can still enrich their lives. Try Zumba, design an app, or forget to nap they suggest.

Two of the videos, narrated by veteran actors Sir Christopher Lee and Jonathan Pryce, show the progression from childhood to old age with a touching poem written by famed poet Roger McGough.

“Time flies they say, but it’s us that fly. Time sits on its hands as we rush by,” the poem goes.

So, what’s the secret to aging gracefully? Watch the video above to find out.

How will you think yourself younger?

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