7 Goals Self-Help Books Can Help You Achieve

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GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
7 Goals Self-Help Books Can Help You Achieve
By Leigh Newman

We sifted through recent self-help books and found the can-do strategies to help you become more successful, calmer, happier, more focused and more connected to others — and to yourself.

Shirley MacLaine Tells Oprah Why The World Is In ‘Big Trouble’ (VIDEO)
Shirley MacLaine is known for more than just her lasting film career. The Oscar-winning actress and What If… author also has had a deep-rooted interest in spirituality, sharing those beliefs — from meditation to reincarnation — for decades. In her lifetime, MacLaine has witnessed profound spiritual and cultural shifts in the world, including one that has her deeply concerned.

During a spiritual conversation with Oprah on an upcoming episode of “Super Soul Sunday,” MacLaine expressed her fear that the world is heading down a bad path. “I think we’re in big trouble,” she tells Oprah. “We don’t know or have any comprehension of what we’re doing to nature.”

Despite scientists and environmentalists making efforts to protect nature, MacLaine says that the rest of us have lost focus on this important matter in favor of something more superficial.

“We’re so materialistic,” she says. “That’s our religion… materialism. We’ve become addicted to the materialism and have no sensibility of what is that doing to the very sustenance of our lives, which is nature.”

The only way to change course is for people to actively take responsibility, rather than passing it off. “Everybody knows we’ve got to fix it,” MacLaine says, “and yet, we’re all leaving it up to somebody else to fix.”

Shirley MacLaine details more of her interest in spirituality on the season premiere of “Super Soul Sunday,” airing Sunday, March 23, at 11 a.m. ET on OWN.

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