Answer a simple question and watch Cuckoo

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Answer a simple question and watch Cuckoo
Lucky winners have a chance to win free couple passes to the Dinesh-Malavika Starrer. The film traces the love between a visually challenged couple and music of Santhosh Narayanan has already mesmerized many. Get ready for a soulful experience.

Ex En Vogue member Maxine Jones, ready to release solo project’s debut single
Many recall Maxine Jones as the petite member with the soulful powerful voice of R&B female quartet En Vogue. But, according to EUR on Monday March 17 that may soon change as reports state that Maxine Jones is readying her solo album and is set to kick it …

Soulful 7 Year-Old Sings Billie Holiday, Everyone Weeps
Prepare your ear drums, the next mind-blowing X Factor/Idol/Got Talent audition has arrived in the tiny form of 7-year-old songstress Angelina Jordan Astar. Angelina, an adorable contestant on Norway’s Got Talent, shocked audiences and judges this past …

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VIDEO: Sneak Peek – Shirley MacLaine Featured on Oprah’s SUPER SOUL SUNDAY
Get ready, Super Soulers! An all-new season of “Super Soul Sunday” kicks off when Oprah sits down with legendary actress Shirley MacLaine to discuss her illustrious career, her longtime interest in spirituality and her latest book, What If …

Daily Meditation: Say Hallelujah
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these daily meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life. Today’s meditation features a song by singer …

Former Dancer Says Shen Yun ‘Amazing’
Spirituality is an important aspect of life for Mr. Kubalik. “Actually, I really liked the spirituality,” he said. “What I hate to see is the spirituality in many countries—China, all around the world—being depressed.” “I think …

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