Michael Singer, Author Of ‘The Untethered Soul,’ Explains How To Overcome Your Fear Of Change (VIDEO)

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Michael Singer, Author Of ‘The Untethered Soul,’ Explains How To Overcome Your Fear Of Change (VIDEO)
For many people, change is a source of fear — fear of added stress, fear of discomfort and fear of the unknown. Yet, change is an inevitable part of life, so those who view it with fear tend to spend far too much energy trying unsuccessfully to avoid it. Michael Singer, author of “The Untethered Soul,” believes that this avoidance causes you to lose track of your life’s purpose.

The first step in learning to deal with change is to understand exactly why people fear it. As Singer explains to Oprah on an episode of “Super Soul Sunday,” change seems frightening because it threatens the comfort we have constructed for ourselves.

“We try to create situations that we think will make us be okay,” Singer says. “When things start changing that don’t match that model, we get scared.”

In “The Untethered Soul,” Singer says that one thing most people don’t know about fear is that it’s a thing. As he puts it, fear is just another object in the universe that we’re capable of experiencing, and there are only two ways to deal with it.

“You can push it away, or you can let it go,” Singer says simply. “You can either avoid it and be scared of it, or you can let it pass right through.”

But is letting go of fear the same thing as just giving up, Oprah wonders? Not at all, Singer tells her. “You don’t [give up] in any way, shape or form,” he says. “Life is a natural unfolding of reality. You’re supposed to harmonize and work with it. You don’t give up and let it take over.”

As an example, Singer says to imagine being scared of riding a horse. “You don’t have to be a very good rider, but that doesn’t mean you let the horse go wherever they want,” he says. “You learn to interact and interface with life in a wholesome, participatory way. Fear doesn’t let you do that. So, letting go of fear is not letting go of life.”

Also in the video, Singer shares his practical advice for handling difficult situations and reveals when not to trust the voice inside your head.

“Super Soul Sunday” returns with new episodes on Sunday, March 23, at 11 a.m. on OWN.

High Self-Esteem Equals Fewer Health Problems For Seniors
A healthy body starts with a happy mind for seniors, a new study shows. Research led by Concordia University’s Center for Research in Human Development suggests that feelings of self-confidence and worth correlate to a lower incidence of health problems.

While self-esteem and confidence issues are often associated with awkward teenagers and growing pains, older adults can also experience difficulty with their feelings of worth as they grow older. Previous studies have shown that self-esteem begins to decline in old age as people start to deal with empty nests, retirement, and the onset of health problems.

Researchers looked at 147 adults ages 60 and up and measured their self-esteem, cortisol, perceived stress levels, and any depressive symptoms over a four-year period. Participants with lower self-esteem were found to have higher cortisol levels. The effects were even more pronounced in people with a history of depression and stress. Too much of the stress hormone can have negative side effects like weight gain, sleep problems, digestive issues, and even memory impairment.

“Because self-esteem is associated with psychological wellbeing and physical health, raising self-esteem would be an ideal way to help prevent health problems later in life,” study author Sarah Liu said in a release.

One way older adults can maintain and improve their self-esteem is to socialize and prevent isolation, Liu said, as loneliness can be a major health concern in older adults. A recent University of Chicago study estimated that loneliness can increase the chances of premature death by up to 14 percent.

“Improving self-esteem provides real health benefits in seniors,” Liu said. “The ultimate solution may be to prevent self-esteem from declining.”

Health experts say older people can increase their self esteem by taking care of their health and appearance, volunteering, and managing their free time.

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