Redefining Success

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Redefining Success
I want to see you reach higher heights and dream big dreams, but first you must have faith and believe in your gifts and talents. Know that you have the ability to bring forth greatness in this world because it’s who you are. Never allow someone’s limited vision of you be the final word spoken over your life. At the age of 7, I was placed in special education, and from grade school through high school I was labeled mentally retarded. I was told growing up that I was stupid, I would never amount to anything, and I would be a failure. I’m thankful for the experience, and I am truly grateful for every teacher that believed in me.

Growing up, my grandmother took us to church every other Sunday, and that’s when I learned that every word spoken over my life was a lie and that I can do anything I put my mind to. In my Christian faith, I believe I am a royal priesthood and greatness lives within me. I also believe that not one life was created to be wasted, and it is through your life that other lives will be transformed. While in high school in 1999, I was determined to start my journey inspiring others to be at their very best, and I started with the young women in my chorus class at Robert S. Rogers High School, in Toledo, Ohio. It was then that I was given the nickname “Granny,” because they said I had an old soul, and still to this very day they continue to call me “Granny” on social media.

I’ve persevered through many of life’s challenges and even during those times; I use my life to inspire others. I didn’t graduate from a college institution, but I taught myself graphic design. George Bernard Shaw said it best when he said, “Those that make it in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, they create them.” Each and every one of us is unique in many ways, and we all must find what makes us feel alive, or in other words what we are most passionate about. Passion is what makes this world we live in so amazing, because when you find your passion, you become unstoppable, and it makes life more meaningful. There are some talented and remarkable individuals in this world, and those I look up to have never seen their names on a marquee sign or neither do they drive fancy cars. They are just ordinary people who have a phenomenal dream.

As I watched the Oscars I was amazed by the amount of talent that walked the red carpet and asked myself, “How do they define success?” I know that when many think of Hollywood they immediately attach it to the fortune and fame, but there some great talents in Hollywood that probably aren’t at peace and are not happy within. Success is a state of mind and being content with your true self and not identifying success by what an individual owns, but by their internal awareness. Life can be cruel at times, but we must all find our own way; every obstacle will not be easy, and every road will have a few bumps and a few bruises along the way, but if we remain on the path in which God has predestined for us it is there where we will find true success.

This Puppy Is On Top Of The World About The Day Ahead (VIDEO)
When Mike and his girlfriend, Caroline, got a new puppy named Tobias, they wanted to capture the excitement of a good run.

But the little guy was too fast for Mike’s camera, so Mike decided to do what any good dog owner would — he filmed Tobias running in slow motion through the grass and the flowers, with the blue sky and the sun as a backdrop. Tobias’ floppy ears, happy face and blinking eyes are beyond adorable.

Seriously, there are no words for the happiness this video might make you feel.

Here’s Convincing Photographic Proof That Unplugging Can Enhance Every Aspect Of Your Life
A growing body of research — and plenty of anecdotal evidence — suggests that excessive use of technology can take a serious toll on our physical health, cognitive function, well-being, and relationships. But in our constantly connected digital world, it’s difficult to find almost anytime to disconnect when we’re perpetually subject to the siren song of emails, tweets, likes, texts and other various forms of online updates. The average mobile phone user checks their phone every six and a half minutes (roughly 150 times a day), and one survey found that nearly seven in 10 people are actually afraid to lose or be separated from their cell phones.

In honor of National Day of Unplugging, taking place on March 7-8, many smartphone users will be shutting the “off” button for 24 hours as a way to disconnect from mobile technology and reconnect with themselves, their loved ones, and the things that truly matter to them. To celebrate this tech-free “sabbath” day, HuffPost staffers shared their reasons for unplugging and recharging — check them out in the photos below.

Will you be unplugging this Friday? How do you unplug? Share your unplugging story and add your picture to the list by emailing it us at!

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