Ditch Stress In 8 Easy Steps

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GPS for the Soul – The Huffington Post
Ditch Stress In 8 Easy Steps
Sometimes it feels like it’s pretty cool to be overbooked. As young working professionals, we may pride ourselves on four-hour sleep cycles, daily happy hours, long workdays, a slew of SoulCycle classes, dates, wine tastings and networking events to fill the gaps in between.

40 Days of Lights
Today marks the first day of Lent in most Western Christian denominations — the beginning of a 40-day celebration within to reflect upon a desired shift, or change of story, you wish to create for your Self.

Although based on the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert before heralding His newfound message to the world, 40 days is actually significant in many stories across the rainbow of religions: Muhammad spent 40 days in a cave and Siddartha spent 40 days sitting under a pipal tree, before each receiving enlightenment on their mission and teachings, and in Kabbalah and yogic traditions a 40-day meditation will make or break a habit in a person, ingraining a new set of thoughts and beliefs. (And did you know the number 40 is the highest number ever counted on Sesame Street? It’s true! So even if you don’t follow a faith, let Big Bird be your guide.)

Whoever or whatever you follow, as with any seasonal change, you can use this time now to create a significant change you seek within. Today, take a moment to plant a symbolic seed. You can first begin by naming exactly what it is you physically want to bring more into your life or let go of, but then go a little deeper and name what the feelings are behind the actual desire. For example: you want to create more money in your life, and the feeling behind having more money might be freedom, liberation, independence… That’s what you’re looking for here. To plant the emotional seed of change within and re-ignite your personal Superpower of Strength.

Similar to planting a seed in your garden, if you take care to water it, nourish the soil, and make sure it receives its proper amount of sunlight, you trust it will grow into a beautiful fruit or flower. There is no angst, frustration, or even lack of patience; there is only trust. And not just on your part, but especially on the part of the flower itself. It does not push and pull and grunt and gnaw through the soil to “hurry up and get its job done to move on to the next task!” Rather, it simply allows itself to fulfill its destiny in the flow of nature without any self-imposed time constraints or ego-based fear. You will nurture your newly planted seed within in the same manner, and here’s how:

Let the light literally be your guide. Try this game out for the next 40 days (and really this is only a blip in your beautiful matrix called Life, so why not let yourself give it a go?): Every time you turn a light switch on, wherever you are, take a brief moment to check-in with your seed and “water” it with your loving thoughts. No need to focus on the physical manifestation or visualization of the desire, rather you’re focused on the feeling here. So if you planted a seed of “Abundance,” the moment you turn that light switch on, shower yourself with Abundance, and everything that represents to you: prosperity, expansiveness, giving gifts to others, giving gifts to your Self. Then, when you switch the light off, take a deep breath and slowly exhale a feeling of deep trust and relaxation in the process. Create from a place of peace, be in a place of peace, and allow from a place of peace just as the flowers and trees in nature.

Keep a journal handy and write down, color, personal map-make everything you experience along the way. Maybe you discovered a new song or maybe you encountered some person, place or thing that will always remind you of the spark of Light you are reigniting within right now. (Oh, and PS, you WILL encounter a lot during this time!) Whatever happens, keep the focus easy, enjoy the ride, and allow yourself this time to become reacquainted with that personal superpower of Light within that will Beam out into the world for all to experience.

Stay connected with me on Twitter to share your thoughts and experiences; I’ll be doing this right alongside you. And I’ll also be sharing some more light-filled adventures over the next 40 days to keep your seed nourished with Love until it begins to finally blossom. And oh, just you wait for the amazing-ness that will be revealed. Shzamm!

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